Help with Day and Night cycle with directional lit moon

-Hey I’ve been working on making a day and night cycle for my project and it’s been going quite well i followed some tutorials on here and with some different tutorials and some trail and error i managed to get a working day and night cycle with a moon coming up replacing the sun at night and having it’s own directional light and light shafts. But the result is not perfect and i would love to further improve on it.

The biggest issue is the transition from night to day or when the sun hits the horizon. the scene goes through a dramatic change that i would like to make much smoother or even having a way to add some way to check for noon and dawn so it goes through 4 transitions instead of 2.


My Blueprints:
The Main Blueprint

Day and Night settings in their own functions.


Another smaller issue is the moon when it reaches it’s peak it slows down to a full hold for a sec before accelerating back to speed. the sun does not do this.


I added the moon to a copy of the original BP_Sky_Sphere material. Where i inverted the normalize used for the sun.


Another problem is that the moon and sun rotates directly above you. is it possible to change the placement of the rotation to be in the distance the sun won’t ever be directly above you?

Is there a better way to implement the moon? or any quick fixes for the moon pause?

Any help would be much appreciated. If i forgot to say any details just ask!