Help with Damage Collision(Fighting Game)

I am attempting to make a fighting game, However I am running into an issue with the collisions. I have a basic character with two sphere colliders that are attached to the characters wrists. I want other player characters to take damage when colliding with the sphere (aka the fist) excluding myself. I am having an issue with the collision detecting however. Could someone help with with the logic behind checking for a collision of the character excluding my own character? (self)

OnBeginOverlap was having reverse results, Where when my character hit another character the damage was applied to myself and not the other character.

Here is the basic damage script I have for my guy

You need to apply the damage to the actor overlapped (it has a pin on the begin overlap node)

Thank you for the reply! I have made this script, which is being called in a method called “Punching” this method executes on server. It is doing the job just fine, however BOTH my players are hurt… How can I ignore the player who is punching and only hurt the player getting punched?

Hello Athin,

The reason both of your characters are currently taking damage would be due to how you’re using the GetOverlappingActors node. When it goes to overlap, the spheres are most likely also picking up the character that is dealing the damage. The easiest way to deal with this in your current setup would be to add a branch between the ForEachLoop and Apply Damage nodes that checks to see if the Array Element != (Does not equal) Self with the True of the branch connecting to the Apply Damage node. With this setup, it should cause the branch to fail when trying to apply damage to the damage dealer.

Thank you so much! That has solved my issue! Knew it was something simple I was doing wrong.