Help with cutscenes, Animations...?

Hey guys, so i got UE4 now it’s “Free” and i’ve been playing with it for a couple of days now and i’m starting to get a good idea of everything in the engine, and i’ve made a fully functional game, but i only have basic cinematic’s, now i know im not going to be the best at day one. But i do not know how the AAA’s do their cutscenes, so if anyone has any knowledge on proper cutscenes rather than a moving camera at a static object, that would be awesome, as this is going to really help with my own game and help the development of it :smiley:

I would recommend you to take a look at the matinee demo :slight_smile:

Could i have a link :smiley: (Not being lazy but i don’t want to watch the wrong thing aha!) Thanks for replying :smiley:

I think there is no link to that, but here it is:


And here is the video of the cinematic: :slight_smile: