help with custome projectile gun

so im farely new to item modding only ever made maps

so i want to make a gun that shoots plant species x peojectiles. I want to make it the model of ths simple pistol but the only way i can make it shoot a custom peojectile to my knowledge is to make it a rocket launcher. so how would i make this postol shoot a species x orb i want it to have the same damage and knockback as the turret. so how would i go about doing this and remeber that im kinda new to this

Rifles/Pistols/Automatic weapons don’t have projectiles. All of the classes with Instant DMG type have no projectiles.

So you would either need to make a new Blueprint and follow how the Rocketlauncher creates a projectile and fires it, or follow how the bows do it, as they are projectile type weapons. You could start by making a child, and just fiddling with the projectile data, or duplicating them and editing the projectile data. There are a lot of locations inside the weapon blueprint for all of the animation data and skeletal mesh rigs and the likes, so start small and tamper with an actual projectile weapon first.

alright so would it be possible to inherit from a rocket launcher change the model to the pistol and change the projectile it seems like you have confirmed this

okay so could i possably duplicate the rocket launcher blueprint then change the projectile to the species x ball thing then can i change the model if do that or will it be a rocket launcher forever if so i will need to make a blueprint and i dint know if im up for that right now in my reserch i found a dodo cannon video it seems like i vould do this but with the method used in the video could i still change the rocket launcher model

Considering someone made a harpoon gun with a custom mesh last year, yes you can make a new gun w/e you want it to be with a custom projectile. But before you build a spaceship, maybe you might want to start with building a box?

Play with the devkit, duplicate the rocket launcher, fiddle with it, crash the dev kit, and start with a fresh rocket launcher all over again till you figure it out.

alright thanks i aprecieate the help