Help with cursor problem

  1. Problem is if i use “Show mouse cursor” the InputAxis X and Y (mouse) is getting locked if you reach the end of your viewport, this makes so my camera rotation is only rotateing if the mouse is the in viewport. If you aren’t using “Show mouse cursor” the InputAxis isn’t locked even if you mouse reaached beyond the viewport limit

  2. If i use my custom cursor system, witch is as simple as getting the mouse position and moving a widget cursor to its location, problem is that UI Widgets can’t be detected for click, hover and etc

Also: If there is any way to detect a widget button like on its hover, or click without haveing the Show mouse cursor enabled, please let me know. Then i can handle cursor functions way easier then unreal engine system…

Not sure why unreal engine does this, but i can’t seem to find any solutions… Hopefully someone may be able to help :slight_smile: