Help with creating a Tactical RPG from scratch?

I’m looking to create a game like Fire Emblem or even Xcom, but in UE4. I know there’s a tutorial for a game similar to this provided by Epic Games, but I can never get the assets to work right in that tutorial.

I also cannot afford to purchase a tactical RPG thing from UE’s store, so I’m left with creating it myself or giving up.

Can I be linked to a tutorial, or if you prefer, told about what I’d need to know/do to make a tactical RPG?

How to do that indeed?

You’ll first have to learn how to code, or at least prototype the features you want.

So you need a clear idea of what features you want to have.

But you can delay the feature planning and dive into the essential tutorials Epic provides here:…9Cx9wHoBB7rxFl…n1sWOGfh4C7ewO…4xkX4qmCrhGu56

The last one is a third person tutorial but it covers several subjects you’ll want to learn.

After that my guess is that you want to find tutorials about the very features you planned.

It’s a little bit vague, but as is your question. Getting into game development will require you to find the tutorials, find the knowledge sources and try to learn what they teach.

Quote me if you have other questions.

I wish you the best :slight_smile:

I thank you for this comment, as most people don’t seem to be too concerned in assisting in a Tactics RPG style game.

I’m no expert in Unreal, but I’m pretty good with the UI and blueprinting right now. My issue is that I don’t really know what nodes to use to set up a game like Fire Emblem, like turn switching and selecting/moving based on tiles.

In both Unity and Unreal, I can only really make FPSes and I’d like to broaden my horizons.

And I’m sorry for being vague, I didn’t want to overload my first post with a bunch of questions. For clarity, I’ll do that now and see who’ll help me based on that.

I need to learn to:

*Create unique Units (Archers, Knights, Bandits, ect)

*Move those Units based on the Tiles on a Board.

*Create a Turn system that will switch turns between the Player and the CPU.

If I knew how to do those, I could take everything from there. Even hurting/killing units.