Help with creating a seed sorting game

I’m trying to create a simple activity but am not sure where to begin. Here’s the basic idea…
The player view will be through a microscope. They see objects (various seeds) slowly passing by the microscope view. I plan to use a plane with the seed image texture for the seeds. Using the mouse, the player clicks on the “correct” or “incorrect” seeds. When the seeds are clicked, they get added to a collection tray. I will need a way to score the correct vs incorrect seeds collected. That’s basically it.

Probably a two hour project for most of you, but I’m new to UE4.

I’ll probably need about 70-100 clickable seeds. Should I spawn them somehow? Animate them manually?

I’ve got some Unity friends who could probably do this pretty easily but I really want to use UE4 for this.

All geometry is modeled (that’s the part I DO know how to do!)

Any help is GREATLY appreciated.