Help with Creating a button in the HUD,setting a variable, that can be accessed by level blueprint

I Need Help, Thank you****

I have created a button, and used the “When button is clicked” event (that was already made). What I am struggling with and in desperate need is, I cant access that variable that is set when the button is clicked from the level blueprint.


HUD contains a button > button sets a variable –> Need to access that variable from the level blueprint

I need help with this, thank you for your time and please reply as soon as possible as in need of solution.

That’s the wrong section, anyway, it’s better if you create the variable in the level blueprint and you change it in UMG, not the other way around.

Thank you anyway, I have figured out something else. You can drag from the ‘Create Widget’ node, the variable and access it from there. Thank you for your time anyway :Þ