Help with crash?

My mod adds new armours you can make.

No idea what that crash means or is for.

Is the mod btw. Thought it may be due to assets not being renamed but have renamed them all and still happens.

It loads correctly and works in editor but crashes after loading in singleplayer actual game.

Crashes after loading up to c3 I think? It basically finishes loading everything then crashes before actually showing the ingame stuff

Anyone? Would love some help :frowning:

Do you have other mods in the single player game that may be conflicting with this mod? Iv seen error reports like that but they never really tell me much as there’s no specific names of the items within the mod in there. Is your mod using the same models and allowing for different camo options? Do your textures link to an outside source?
Sorry its not much help, without seeing it in person I wouldn’t be able to tell what the issue is just with that crash report… usually the only problem Iv had with Online vs ADK is that the files are linking to sources that are not in the Primal Game data or the Mod folder, such as your textures are not in your actual mod folder or something.
I wish you the best of luck, maybe someone that has had similar issues and recognizes that error report will have some better advice!

Sadly no, no other mods. I imported all the textures + materials etc into my mod folders, perhaps they aren’t cooking correctly? Ill have to look

Id be happy to look at for you unfortunately any time someone sends me files to help them they all end up needing to be re-pathed. If you wanted to you could send me the source files and Ill take a look and see if I can find any issues on my end.