Help with crafting stations

Currently working on mortar and pestle trying to make modded cementing paste.
I followed this tutorial and got most everything working. Here is what I have set up:

  1. A modified PrimalItemStructure, the structure itself and its inventory. PrimalItem and Inventory were made with the “child class” option, the structure was made via “copy” (since it didn’t work properly otherwise). Everything seems to be working fine. No modified engram, I used item remapping instead.
  2. A modified cementing paste blueprint. One again, child class, no custom engram, used item remapping.
  3. The modified cementing paste requires the modified inventory to be made. The modified inventory has the normal cementing paste replaced with the modified one.

However, the modified mortar and pestle can craft any non-modified recipe (like narcotic), but the modified cementing paste won’t show up.
What did I miss?

If I recall correctly, I had to make new engrams even if I was using remapping. You’d have to remap the engrams too. Additionally, last time I tried adjusting cementing paste, I had to make new versions of every item it was used for crafting. Remapping didn’t cover that aspect for some reason. Things may have changed since I tried though.

Thank you for the help Aieron! I didn’t think of trying that since you don’t have to make engrams for things crafted by hand, it works fine without.
But man, that is significantly more work… I hope they’ll simplify things like that soon.
On the other hand, what does the “additional structure engrams” do then? It didn’t help me before, and now everything works w/o anything in that field.

That should work for structures like the mortar & pestle. Cementing paste is the issue. I was making a mod to drop the stone requirement, but it didn’t work for crafting anything. Only thing I can think of that I might have done wrong was I duplicated it instead of childing it, but otherwise, it was going to cause A LOT of work for a small change.

For balancing mods you may be better off doing a TC till remapping is better or maybe someone else here has a better method.

I have no idea how TCs work though. Do I edit parameters in the PrimalEarth folder and it’ll build from those? Do I have to name my BPs something specific?
Anyway, the cementing paste seems to work okay now. It is craftable, has the required parameters and can be used for crafting.

For mortar and pestile, you need to sublcass:
mortarandpestile ( also need to reparrent this one and manually reassign the custom settings - yellow markers the original BP has - & assign your new inventory)

as well as the engrams you want to modify like sparkpowder ( their engrams + primalitemressource bp)