Help with controls

Okay so I 100% new to making any kind of game at all, unless you want to count making maps and game types in forge mode in Halo lol. I’m trying to make a twin stick shooter so I started with the template that comes in Unreal Engine 4 for that. I was able to get the camera angle changed to what I want after a wile of playing around with different settings and started working on the controls. What I’m wanting is the left stick to control movement similar to how it dose already but without changing the rotation of the character, I want the right stick to change the rotation of the character for aiming, and the right trigger to fire the projectile in the direction the right stick is being held. Any help would be greatly appreciated.:slight_smile:

I was able to get it to fire the projectile only the way the actor is facing and change the button to fire the projectile to the right trigger. So now all I need is to change it so that the right thumb stick is what affects rotation and not the left one.

After more fiddling with things I was able to get it figured out. :slight_smile: