Help with compiling Open3D libraries into an UE4 usable plugin.

I was hoping to get some advice or a walkthrough on the following.

I would like to download the c++ libraries from , (Includes both python and c++ but only interested in the c++). Build the libraries and link them into an Unreal Plugin, so I can use these libraries in my project.

So far I think I have understood how to download and build the c++. (Could be doing this wrong). But I 'm kinda getting stuck at making the correct library files that can then be used in an Unreal Plugin. I was initially following this tutorial, but I have become lost here .

Any advice would be highly appreciated.

Cheers. :grinning:

P.S, If someone’s interested in the use case: my end goal here is to use the libraries’ mesh creation Algorithms such as ball pivoting to convert a point cloud into a better mesh. I’m using the Lidar point cloud plugin to input a text doc of vertices. I’m currently using the experimental Dynamic Mesh functions to create the mesh in a hacky type way by using the collision mesh created by the Lidar point cloud plugin. However this makes a basic mesh and doesn’t (seem to) count for proper UV’s and normals. And uses marching cubes so it turns the data into a cube-like mesh with less usable data.