Help with Combination Lock?

Hey guys,

I need a little help with opening a door on a combination lock. I have made most of it and it works, but it’s still a tad buggy and I’m stuck.

Currently I have 6 circles with 12 symbols on each of them, the main door will only open via a timeline, if all 6 are rotated to the correct symbol (like a stargate actually). I do this by calling events “UNLOCK1-6” and setting Booleans “Gate 1-6 Unlock” to True. I call the Door opening via a timeline that will only play OF all the Booleans are true. The player can try and open the Door by pressing the ‘T’ Key. HOWEVER, my problem is that once the player gets all of these set to True, they have to press T twice in order to get the door to open. My guess is that the Booleans are checked as false and THEN set to true, and on the second press of T they are obviously true so the door opens.

:frowning: I can’t seem to find a way to alter the order of this check at all, Any suggestions???


I think different approach is better here… just set variable to true when wheel is on correct position and try open doors on every combination change…
If you want to try keypressing T, then make sure your ui is “active” when you pressing T key… or show whole bp and i can check it out…

I would probably use Gates, have 6 gates and let each function open them. When T is pressed an open door function can be called at the end of the chain.

After your branch, I think you might need a variable that says ‘ok ready open’ and set that to TRUE. If its false it says try again. If true then continues… when pressing T, you would reference that variable to do nothing unless the ok ready variable is true… ?