help with collision

Hi all…
I need a hand with the collision…
I nedd that an event start when my monster(created in the blueprint with ai) touch my character(first person ecc ecc)…
Now someone can explain me how? i see some tutorial but i still can’t undersand.
Please help me…

please can someone help me? i don’t uderstand anything on this argument

You can create a Sphere collision component around your monster mesh. On this sphere collision you can add “On begin Overlap” function and check the collision with character and perform your task. Enable “Generate Overlap events” in details section of your character and Sphere collision component.

how i can create this sphere?

It’s a component. In your Blueprint at the top left, you can create components. There is also a “Sphere Collision Component”.
Make sure to not accidentally create a SphereMesh component :smiley:

I searched but i can’t found it O.o in the 4.8 is different?
Maybe it his sphere trigger?