Help with collision using moving actors?

I have objects set to always be moving towed the character via blueprints. I have them set to block All but I still can’t stop them from moving into the character or moving through walls…And I’m about 99% sure all collision is setup correctly…for it always works unless I have the model moving towards me like that…

So is there a simple way…or something I do’t know about making them not touch walls and thing?? Should I look into NavMeshes? put a small skeleton in the models I have moving towards the character so they can avoid obstacles??


Can you post some images of your setting or a video of what’s happening. If you are using Set Location, it will ignore collision. If you are using a MoveToLocation node, then that should prevent it from intersecting with other objects.


How do you make your objects move? If you do that by setting their location every frame then no collision will take effect. You need to control their location by setting their velocity or acceleration. To do that you need them to have a movement component. And make sure they’re “moveable”, not “static”.



OK thanks, :slight_smile: That helps. I’ll look into that.

That answered my question. :wink: thanks!

I got it! Making.the model a skeletal mesh and then using a simple move to node with a navmesh was the way to go. :slight_smile: thanks guys !!!

Hey i have a similar question maybe you can answer :smiley: im trying to implement a dash function to my Sidescroller Character (for 3 days already). On clicking Shift, i want him to dash left if he’s looking left or right if he’s right.

Dash using “move component to” does exactly what i want to but, it also dashes through walls and stuff. How can i disable that?

Dash using “Launch Character” is too fast. If i change the Velocity, its just gonna change the lengths of the dash, not the speed. Is it possible to slower the dash, while going the same distance?

if both that commands wont work, is there another possibilty to create dashes?

(This is how its supposed to look like: sec 33-35) YouTube

Im glad about any help or clues i can get