Help With Character Movement

Hello all, I’ve started with the top down template and after millennia of trial and error was able to implement the kind of movement I wanted but the character was always facing one direction. Last night I was able to solve that problem and now my character can turn up down left right accordingly. however my ultimate goal is to have him “Snap” in every 45 degree angle direction and only move in those directions. I don’t want him to be able to glide about the screen as he sees fit. Also whenever I release movement input he always snaps back to facing forward, I want him to continue facing the direction he was moving. If you’ve seen the new Legend of Zelda Links awakening, that’s the type of movement I’m after. Below is what I currently have, If you have any idea on how to achieve what I’m after I’d greatly appreciate it

I had a similar problem and I had to go uncheck the “Use controller rotation yaw” in my character options. It’s in the detail panel, under the pawn tab. However, my case is a little different because I never want to let the user use his mouse to rotate his character.

I hope that helps.