Help with Character component rotation replication?

Hi there. I’m trying to have it so when the player looks left and right while running, it adds rotation to the mesh of my character to make it look like the character is shifting his weight in an attempt to simulate the look of agility. I have a custom event that is run on event tick that calculates what the current rotation should be and calls a custom event that sets the rotation. The custom event that calculates the rotation works fine, but I’m having issues with setting it. The clients can see themselves and the host rotate but it does not replicate to the host or other clients.

This is the custom event that calculates the rotation

And this is the custom event that sets the rotation

I’ve tried a bunch of different methods with replication for the custom event that sets the rotation like setting it to run on server, run on owning client, multicast, having a different custom event that runs on server that calls the set event which runs as multicast but none of it is working. The mesh does have “Component Replicates” checked. So in summary, I need the rotation to replicate so everyone can see it. Anyone have ideas how to fix it?

I have attached a blueprint that will make a component lean into whatever direction it is moving. You will want to lerp this and possibly compare against axis value to determine how much to pitch. Add this to your pawn and it will run on each client so you are not inflating bandwidth usage trying to send animation events.