Help with changing sound and music within Unreal Elemental demo

Hi forgive me im a noob!
I have just started with Unreal i downloaded the Elementals demo to try and change the sound and music.Im a new sound designer and realise i need to know this stuff!
I have worked out how to import a sound into the content editor and ive replaced my files with ones already in the game in WAV format.I dont hear them being played so do they need to be the same size and filename of the original file? Also anything i have found is by clicking on the world outliner where it lists ambient sound then click to get into the contents editor which is where i replace my file.So what is the difference between a sound wav and a sound cue? Because when i go to delete a file then swop it with one of my own in the editor its fine as a sound wave but when i try and dot it with a sound cue it doesnt list my files to swop around? Maybe because there not a sound cue i guess.
But i would also like to change the music but the files i can see are the ambient sound and no mention of music? On top of this lol im also trying to lean Wwise and i managed to intergrate it into the Elemental demo and its listed a s a plug-in but i dont know where to access it? Is it from Wwise itself?

Sorry for lots of questions but any help would be greatly appreciated!

Thank You


Sounds like you’re starting from the very beginning. There are lots of starting resources out there, including a very nice book by Richard Stevens and Dave Raybould.

Generally, you want to think of Game Audio as an Event based system.

An Event happens which triggers a Sound playback


an Event happens which changes Sound parameters.

If you want to modify an existing project, then you need to figure out where sounds are triggered from and how the systems that are part of the gameplay work in the greater context (sometimes player input, sometimes other things, like indeterminate game events).

In the case of the Elemental Demo, sounds are triggered on a Matinee Timeline–which triggers Events over time.

I am making audio tutorials:

Maybe this will help you a bit.