Help with changing combat music

This is my first Ark mod, and I’m very new to the Dev kit. I’m trying the change the combat music that the game uses.

I found the combat sound file in the content viewer and copied it over to the mod folder I created. Then I reimported the music I wanted to use into the sound files I had just copied over. I then created a child of the PrimalGameData_BP and TestGameMode Blueprints like how I see them in the Generic Mod folder. In the child of the PrimalGameData_BP blueprints is a reference to the combat music, I then change the reference to point to my copied and reimported sound file in my mod folder. I cook the mod, upload it, and nothing changes what-so-ever.

I’m lost as to what to do next. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

My guess is something is not set correctly on your PGD or TGM or orange map file. Look in your mod folder inside steam and see if the PGD & TGM are there along with your edited sound cue. If they aren’t, its not being cooked because they are not properly referenced.