Help with Camera Spline System

I’ve been following this great tutorial by Gregmleducky ( (if the link directs you to a list of tutorials it is the Camera Spline system one).
But, instead of use the ball template like he does, I want to use the third person template.

Firstly: in my level, when I play, the cameras successfully change, but they do not track the player.
Secondly: the players movement is still tied to the original third person character camera, so the character walks in a confusing manner.
Thirdly: In the tutorial, when “Debug Mode” is checked, we see Debug spheres. I do not.

Here is my test map, its v4.11.2 (its called drama because it’s caused me drama)

Now let me give you some background knowledge for funsies

-to put it nicely, I SUCK at blueprints. (It took me days to get even this right—why I’m an artist).
-Gregmleducky has a downloadable pack, but it isn’t working.
-I live in po-dunk nowhere, so my internet may give out.

Thanks to anyone who can help!

Here we can see my Three part Camera system without debugging.

Here Debugging is turned on. As you can see, no spheres.

Here are two shots while playing, the camera successfully switch, but they do not focus on the character as they are supposed to.

And here are the settings of the camera system

I’m going to start by pointing out the main issue between the tutorial and my test map.

In the tutorial Gregmladucky uses the rolling ball template. I want to use the Third person template. The only difficulty came when the tutorial asked to create a Possessed Event, the image on the tutorial uses a function, not a event. So I did both, I created a Possessed Event and a Function.
Here is the tutorial piece.

Here is my event and function

The second Problem is at the end of the tutorial Gregmladucky uses the the balls torque to tell the camera where to look (I explained that badly)
So here is the tutorial piece

But I don’t have torque. So doing this (image below) makes no sense.

I’ve attempted to tie the camera manager to the characters “world location” but I don’t believe I did it right.