Help with calling an texture animation with Blueprint

Hello everyone,

I am trying to get a texture that I have animating already to only show up once a trigger volume is penetrated by the player. I have followed the sconce light setup tutorial by Zak Parrish and tried to recreate what he did substituting the material asset for the light and have had no real luck with getting the animation to play.

When I set the texture (animated) to be the rendered texture it shows up animating upon the start of the game…if I make it invisible it doesn’t show up at all.

your video is set to private.

Just replace an invisible material with the animated texture material -> you can do that with the “set material” node. Another way is to toggel it with a material parameter -> e.g when the player touches the trigger it set’s the mask to 1 (everything is shown) or to 0 (the player cant see anything of the texture)

I just received an answer from Hourences! He told me to

"Get one strip of conveyor belt in on long texture, like 4kx1k res. map it around the conveyor mesh, and just add a panner node left of the tex I the material. Done.

I see no way you can make this work with flip books at all.

To then trigger it via blueprint you need to add a lerp after the panner, or a time and a parameter for the time input on the panner etc. lot of different ways".

Many thanks to Hourences!!!

Hey thanks !