Help with building a portal

Hello everyone! I am new to Unreal Engine, and to the forums. I am designing a game right now, to help me understand the engine better, and have run into a snag. I am trying to make two portals that take you the the opposite end of the map. Nothing too fancy, it just needs to show you the other side of the map, and teleport you there, and vise versa. Portal A <-> B, and portal C <-> D. Using the tutorial from Fused VR (UE4 Tutorial: How To Build A Seamless Unreal Portal Door - YouTube) I was able to get the portals working, and to even view the other side, but I cannot get the point of view to work. The image in the portal shows a smaller version of the portal (so that I view the area below the floor and above the portal). I have followed the tutorial exactly, but can’t seem to fix it. I am sure I am just not setting things right. I made sure each portal had the same dimensions, and the appropriate rotations. Any idea how I can fix it? It is like it is using my character’s rotation correctly to get the angle view, but not my character’s location. Instead it seems to place the view a little behind the receiving portal, and is static there. Is there a way to fix this, or maybe a better way to build portals?

I finally figured it out (I think). It turns out the the render texture needed to be sized appropriately. My computer’s monitor is a 2560x1440, but it only looked good if I sized it to 2560x1080. Don’t know why, but it looks great now!