Help with build errors :(

Can someone help me fix these build errors?
I am trying to build but it fails and I don’t have the knowledge to fix the errors :frowning: it’s making me very frustrated.



BrickGame is a C++ game.

  1. Click right mouse button on BrickGame.uproject and choos Generate Visual Studio project files.
  2. Double click on BrickGame.sln and open C++ project in Visual Studio 2013.
  3. In Solution Browser right click on BrickGame folder and select Build.
  4. After build end, open project in Unreal Editor.
  5. Press Play.

my UE 4.7.4

Hi, I did that but I get the errors shown in the picture in the original post :frowning:
I am using 4.7.3 however, do you think that might be a problem? I am gonna try downloading 4.7.4 and try it again.

Oh no :o i just noticed i downloaded an older version of the BrickGame project :frowning: that must be it, thanks for your help tho!