HELP with BP IAP for iOS

Hi everyone!

I’m having several issues trying IAP with Blueprints for iOS, I tried everything in this forum but nothing works. There’s not so much info here and unfortunaly any kind of tutorial about how to create IAP with BP and not to die on trying it.

Everything is fine in my Apple Developer and iTunes Conect account: Key pairs - Certificates, everything works fine and I can upload the app and test it by testflight (not in Sandbox cause I never get to the step where you need to login in iTunes with your Sandbox tester account). The IAP always get to failed, never works and this is very frustating.

If here’s someone that wants to help me or show me what the hell he did to make this works, I’d be in eternal doubt with him.

Please contact me, I will offer any kind of money reward in return, I’m desperate…

Thank you =)