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Blueprint Noob-
Following a tutorial on rotating a door and adding a Input F Key from keyboard to allow the pressing of F key to rotate door. But when i go to blueprints and go to add my Input, nothing comes up. I looked online and it said i had to go to Edit-Plugins and the under Input, check the checkbox for Enhanced Input, Then go to Edit-Project Settings, under Engine-Input -Default Classes, change PlayerInput to EnhacnedPlayerInput for both classes.

Still doesn’t work for me.

All i want to do is a Add a Input for F key to allow player to open/Close the door when near it.

Open Project Settings, and scroll to the Input section. Create a new Action, and assign the “F Key” input to it. (see this documentation page for more information). Once you have created your input binding, right click in your player (not door) blueprint and search for the binding you just created.

It sounds like the tutorial you are following is not very good if it doesn’t cover basic input bindings, so you should probably look for a better one. By the way, you should probably disable the EnhancedInput plugin, as it is still experimental, and possibly unstable.

Ok. I will disable that plugin. I couldn’t find any decent tutorials on what i want I to do. All ones I found that had materials attached were stuck behind paywall in marketplace. I just want to learn so i can create my own, not use someone else’s stuff. can’t learn that way. Thank you

What jmancoder said was correct. But you can also just call the F key from within a BP if needed.

I think this free video below shows precisely how to do what you are wanting.

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