Help with blueprints containing blueprints

Hey everyone!

I’m working on a project involving large ship combat, the general idea being 3rd person space battles with customisable ships and weaponry.
So far i have the ship movement working, it’s 3 dimensions but without pitch, just roll and yaw. You can go forwards and (slowly) backwards, ascend and descend. Camera and the beginning of a hud, I have sockets on the mesh for the turrets and the turrets track the centre of the screen ((direction of the camera) -Never want to work with relative rotations again, it was a pain to get them working properly.)

My question is: i want the turrets to be customisable in two ways, the guns mounted on them and the turrets themselves. (certain turrets have more gun slots, etc) Can anyone give me some pointers for how to go about setting this up? I want to know what types of blueprints they should be? Pawns? actors? I’m planning on storing the data for each type of gun in it’s respective blueprint so i need them to be able to communicate. Also, when i get to the stage when i have an in game customisation menu, how will i go about swapping out the types and storing the data for use when the game starts.

I’m primarily an artist, but i do have a minimal grip on blueprints and math expressions.