Help with blueprint

hi there, you need to put a reference to the actor you want to move. seems you BP is not an actor. what kind of BP is it?

Hello I have been follow in this tutorial and am getting an error in this part of the script…

I am not able to understand this . Please help I have used everything as has been provided in the video but am getting an error . Can any body suggest a remedy for now and any documentation , book or video that I may use to clarify my doubts later . I just want it to work for now …So please help and if possible please provide the details

Here is the video I have been following.
[- YouTube][2]

Well I created it according to the video using the New Task option in the top panel in the behavior tree.

Please dont be upset /annoyed by my reply . I am new to all this. Sorry.

You have to connect an actor reference to this node, something like “get controlled pawn”, “get player pawn” or a reference to the actor you want to move. It’s the same thing for your “Get Actor Location” !
If it’s an AI, I can’t help you more.

watch at 9:41 in your video. you forgot a link. :slight_smile: just plug the output of the “get blackboard value as actor” to your set actor location “target” input. it should work !

Thanks a lot for watching the vid so acutely and helping me.

glad to help !
that s what answerhub is made for !