Help with Blueprint

Hi! I need some help with my blueprint. This is for a multiplayer game so keep that in mind.

So I have an object in the map. Whenever a player interacts with it, I want them to possess a new character. However, when someone interacts with it, it doesn’t make them possess the pawn, it makes the server host and them only. I am confused why and I am looking for help.



I can’t even see what you got going on there. Can you put some nodes to organize it better? (Double click the lines)

I don’t specialize in multiplayer by the way, but I think when you save the index of a character (idk how to do that) you can go get player character, pull the index out of the character (or charaxter controller), set that as the index, and then make those nodes the target of possess. Other than that, idk. YouTube has a lot of tutorials for stuff like this, though I get why you might not want to watch them (I’m the same way)