Help with Blueprint Scripting

I’m new to Blueprint Scripting.

I fiddled around a little bit, but need some help to get started.

I would like to have a stat increased when you wear a particular item. What would this blueprint script look like?

Thanks for any help.

not sure if it is exactly what you want or if it work but :

there is a use item add character status values that seem to be what you are looking for. you can find it in all the item bp. so just duplicate the item you want to make and add some values here :slight_smile:

there is also a buff to give owner character, that can surely do the thing too but with it you will need to create a buff (if it is working it can be useful if you intend to make the same buff for many item.)

I use all of those already, thanks. There is a very limited number of stats you can modify, and things you can buff.

I’m interested in doing more and different things then are available in that limited way, which would need to be done with blueprint scripting.

Noone can get me started on a graph to do this? Come on you blueprint wizards, help a brother out!!

I wish I was a blueprint wizard, that would be really nice right about now. Regretting not learning C++ sooner. I realized yesterday that in order for one to really have a good understanding of blueprints you need to learn C++ first. And the reasoning for this is simple: blueprinting in UE4 is purely based off of Kismet which is basically a modified version of C++ for UE4 specifically (its a bit friendlier than normal C++) So now I’m learning C++! lol

I can link you to a video I found really helpful in the sense that it provides a great overview of C++ and how it operates/functions, along with a little bit of its rules. Other than that I’m not entirely sure how this would be done without attempting it for myself :confused: