Help with Blender IK chain and ABP

Hello! I’m new to UE forums, so apologies if I’ve made an oopsie with formatting or etiquette in my title or tags.

Anyway, I’ve been toying around with porting characters I’ve made in Blender (2.93 LTS) to UE4 and I’ve ran into a problem. In order to set up an IK rig in blender, the last bone in the chain cannot be parented to any other bone in the chain. (At least to my knowledge) This is not a problem in blender, of course. But after bringing it in-engine and using blend-spaces to transition from an idle anim to a run, the awkward parenting of the chain is visible near the ankle of the character.

Here’s an example video of the problem.

Is there any way I could use IK without this issue?

IK in blender and IK in engine are completely unrelated.

You should have a rig, and you should be exporting only the deform bones when moving the animations.

The skeleton should house the IK bones, which aren’t weight painted to anything.
They are literally just place holders that help the animation along in engine a myriad of ways.

For humanoids, you should really just stick to the ue4 skeleton nomenclature/structure. No need to invent a new wheel.

Give this a try, with the mannequin. It should lead you to better understand how to set stuff up.

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Thank you very much!

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