Help with Blender .FBX import animation

I’m using blender 2.7 along with the Autodesk FBX converter it comes in all screwed any idea of what i’m doing wrong it’s rotation is wrong to any help wold be appreciated.


I tell you what we do in our office. We model everything in Blender. Everything then is sent to fbx. This fbx is imported into Max or Maya and rigged and animated. This is exported to fbx. No more problems with fbx. Ever.
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Just rotate either the rigg or the mesh in blender. Then normally import it

your best bet is to edit the fbx exporter script so that it doesn’t add the extra bone on export.

i show this in my blender to udk videos

Not sure what you mean by it’s rotation is wrong?

If it’s coming in rotated so that it’s in a unusual direction, like laying flat, then your Up axis is wrong.

In 3ds Max Z is up,like Blender, and in UE Y is up so in your converter check to see if there is a place to convert the axis.

Just a question last time I checked Blender did have an FBX exporter and curious why not use it?

Blenders Z is up and if they are using Autodesks FBX API can’t you just convert the axis?

are you sure about that, I may have missed something but in the main 3D viewport Z=up and if you make one of the templates and open the characters they are orientated so Z=up and X or Y=forward.

I think he means he is exporting from blender and then using the converter to change the fbx to a 2013fbx so he doesn’t get the “out of date fbx” warning during import to UE.

do you mean change the up axis in blenders export settings? doing that can have some odd results.

@PubMonkey, when you import do you tick the “use TOA’s ref pose” option?

I’m telling you. Best bet is to use autodesk’s fbx, i.e. either from max or maya. Blender’s fbx will never be up to scratch on many levels. Why would you want to bother if you can use those originals and be sure that it will work?

The choice is up to you of course, but I’m sure that you don’t complain on lack of headaches, why not get rid of that one?


I’m not advocating Maya nor 3DMax - on the contrary. I would strongly advice against them in favor of Blender which is wonderful software. But where fbx is concerned better stick with autodesk.

Here are the settings I used to export a skeletal mesh from Blender. Was able to import into UE4 and Maya without issues. Ultimately for my project, I imported into Maya, did clean up on the file and then facial animation and exported and FBX to pull into UE4.


With the FBX from Blender, if imported directly into UE4, I would get the out of date warning, but everything still worked fine so I just ignored it.

And bellow are my import settings in UE4