Help with big mirrors!

I’m having problems trying to get clean reflections from big mirrors in a room.
I have tried the SceneCaptureCube technique but this only works well with small mirrors. Any ideas for big ones?

Thanks in advance!

You would probably need to use a 2D reflection capture actor–the other reflection actors won’t be as accurate.

You could use planar reflections, another technique is to replace the mirror surface with glass then copy the room and scale it by -1 and put it at the other side of the glass so it looks like a mirror but its actually just a window, in a lot of cases this is cheaper than using planar reflections also :smiley:

Thanks! if you’re referring to a SceneCapture2D, that doesn’t work too because when I move further away from the mirror, it looks that the reflection is being zoomed.

Thanks! I was actually thinking about doing that but the problem is that I have another room on the other side of the wall where the mirror is hanged.

I’m looking at other alternatives and maybe a portal giving me the view from the same room might work?

Ok! after some more experimenting, planar reflections is the way to go! Is there a way to make the reflections less jaggy?

Yep, welcome to my struggle. My reflections are jaggy as well even with screen percentage for planar reflections at the highest vaule.