Help with basic crafting system using blueprints

Hi, how would i go about starting a simple crafting system to make recipes for a cooking game. It doesn’t have to be anything more than for example Item 1 + 2 = item 3 and Item 4 + 5 = Item 9, then Item 3 + 9 = Item 12.


Well it entirely depends on how complex you want o make it. For instance I have a package of code I want to submit soon that has 4 different “infinitely” expanding weight limited inventory arrays. They can categorize alphabetically and find out exactly what items they contain. That’s meant for a completely different game, but what you can do, very very simple in fact, is literally… addition and subtraction.

Let’s say you do all of this in your character BP

  1. Make integer variables for every item in the game and give them a starting value of zero, or whatever you’d like.
  2. Lets say you have one be eggs, one be cups of milk, and one be lbs. of flour
  3. Let’s say you need 4 eggs, 2 cups of milk, and 1lb of flour to make a cake
  4. Your cake integer should be set at zero since they don’t have any
  5. Whenever your function runs, be it through UMG or through some character specific event, you can grab the integers for eggs milk and flour, and then just compare them using >= statements
  6. If you have sufficient supplies you can then go through and subtract the amount needed from the amount that you have, and then set the amount you currently have with the result

If you want to have all of this done in UMG you can essentially tie all of it to button actions and constantly refresh whenever you produce something. It can also tie into your integer values for the items you have to give you a good visual representation

In my head its around 20 items that can be combined in different ways to make 40 or so final items, so 2 layers of combinations i think.

20-40 variables isn’t a lot. The array systems I build are for hundreds of items, but having 20-40 variables for items in a character BP isn’t bad at all, and it’ll save you a lot of time rather than trying to get arrays up and running

can you pls make a tutorials on this but in widget blueprint.the exact thing in widget blueprint!!