Help with basic blueprint communication understanding

Im trying to learn to manipulate a blueprint with another one, but so far it isnt working. I would appreciate any help.

Door Reference looks like a variable you set up yourself. You could start by checking to see if that works during gameplay with an “is valid?” node.
Then again I guess there should be an error if it didn’t work… did you get any errors?
Also try to debug the situation as much as possible with simple print strings nodes to see which part isn’t executing as you would expect.

The Door Reference is a reference variable of the door blueprint. And I didnt get any errors, which makes it all the more annoying.

Without seeing more of your setup not sure this will help. Using a trigger volume in the level to move a box up 100 units this is what I did… Make sure the box you want to move is set to “moveable” in the transform settings. Then get the current location and add 100 to Z. All the logic is in the level blueprint. Hope this helps.


Im trying to move the cube from ANOTHER blueprint that is placed in the level. Otherwise level blueprint will work, but its not the result im after.

Here you go. If this doesnt work make sure the triggering volume fires your on overlap event. Looks like from your picture your using a box, if it has a static mesh it might block the player from triggering a overlap event. I used a get actor location to just add 100 to the Z axis, you could use get actor location at begin play to set a closed door position that would be called on end overlap. Also used a get all actors of class to avoid a possible bad reference.

The get all actors makes it work. But why is this? Why doesnt my setup work?

Get all actors gives you a reference to a specifi instance of your door blueprint, during gameplay. In your setup you need to find that instance first and save it in your Door reference or provide reference in editor if both actors are placed. Finding it can be done in BeginPlay event.

Did you test casting ?

If you can post a link to your project ill take a look and let you know more specifically why it doesnt work as you expect.