Help with balancing on the tightrope/beam/edge

Hi guys, I’m new to the UE4 and I’m sorry that the questions is a bit dumb.

I want to create really simple sidescroller game based on balancing on the tightrope mechanics. Similar moments can be found in many games, for example Uncharted 4 (Uncharted 4 - Pole balancing - YouTube). I’m looking for any helpful documents, tutorials or assets that can help me work out the prototype. Can you suggest something?

Currently I use splines with dynamically generated mesh over it for the rope (as it will be really long). I plan to attach pawn to it and limit its movements along the spline. But what is the best way to implement balancing techniques, how is it usually done? I mean like player should rotate the phone or press some buttons on the controller to keep pawn on the rope and if player fails to keep balance it will fall.

Also I’m wondering how can I simulate rope behaviour, like vibrations, tension, etc? I’ve tried cables, but it seems like pawn collisions not working with this component. I watched few tutorials where ropes was based on bones and physics constrains, but I’m not sure if this will work with really huge ropes. Am I going the right way with splines+mesh?

Thanks for any help in advance!