Help with autocomplete not working on Xcode

When I open my C++ project in Xcode, I don’t get any of the autocomplete functionality. Is there something that I need to activate or do differently in order to get this functionality to work? It seems like there have been workarounds in the past, but I don’t see anything for 4.25 or even 4.24.

Any help is appreciated!

I switched from Linux to Windows because that’s where the tools are. I use this with Visual Studio and it is acceptable:

The challenge is that UE4 using C++ macro features in such a “next level” way, it’s hard for the autocomplete to keep up.

With xcode, I don’t think you can get there from here.

Appreciate the reassurance that it wasn’t just me. I’ll just go without the training wheels!

This has been a major Issue since Unreal Engine 4.25 for Mac users. Apparently there is a fix for 4.26 according to the Github repository. I have video on how to get it working using Visual Studio Code and will post a video later to get it working Xcode on the Mac.

Youtube link