Help With Audio Volumes?

I’m working on a project that requires use of audio volumes. This is my first time actually using them, so it’s a bit confusing to me. It didn’t end up working correctly for me, maybe somebody could help point out why?

So I put the volume in the scene. I made a sound class with the “Apply Ambient Volumes” Box checked. I applied that sound class to the cue I wanted to apply the sound class to. I edited the audio volume settings so that the external volume would be 5 and the internal volume would be 0. I placed the cue inside the box (I imagine this is where it is supposed to go?). I then rebuilt geometry. The volume worked backwards for me. Inside the box was noise and outside the volume was 0. Again, this is my first time using audio volumes so any help would be appreciated.

Thank You!

I’ve got the same kind of question too