Help with attaching / socketuing an item

Hey guys. Thanks in advance for all the help.

So I have a sword model, turned it into a blueprint with collision.
I created a socket in the hand of my skeleton and named it Pickup1 and gave it my sword as the preview asset.

I went into settings and checked the box “Enable Socket Snapping”.
I went into my weapon BP and added the following.

Here is what I am wanting to happen when the player touches the sword.
Player touches sword > Sword appears in hand (not working) > Pickup sound plays (working) > Sword Picture Icon is added to the screen (working) > Sword disappears from the world (working)

So as you can see here everything is working as intended except the actual sword being placed into the hand/socket when you collide with it. Can anyone spot the problem here, and let me know what to do?
Many thanks in advance!

you’re attaching it and then destroying it :slight_smile:

OK, I was confused there I thought I had to destroy the weapon from the world, I wasn’t aware I was pretty much moving the items location in the world. Thanks for clearing that up! It works kind of but instead of being in his hand like the above image the sword is just parallel to the Character now, any ideas?

Also when running around it’s like I am constantly colliding with invisible objects now when I have the sword attached.


This image shows how it attaches off to the side of the character and not in his hand like the top picture shows.
The other sword in the bottom left is just the icon that appears on screen when picked up.

So as far as collisions put collisions on either ignore or overlap, now I also had a rotation problem that I solved by adding a child component to the character blueprint, then attach the child to the sword socket and line it up in the view port. Hope it helps.