Help with attach Actor to Actor

So i‘m trying to create a Game Where you can build Engines and Cars

And i am now on putting the Engine together.
I am a completely beginner.
I mostly use Attach Actor to Actor in this. It worked out pretty well until i want to attach the Same actor twice onto another.
So i have 2 pistonring actors and an actor
But now it just attaches the attached Ring and not that one i am grabbing.
Any tipps? Or should i do this completely different?

Are you attaching the same actor or are you attaching two actors of the same class? If it’s the first one, there is only one actor so it makes sense that it doesn’t work. If it is the second, it should work, and you have probably made a mistake somewhere. Show your attach blueprint(s).

Where do you set GetGrabbingObject? Maybe that’s where the problem is.

So i did this part in the First Person Charakter from a Youtube Tutorial, and i get the Variable to my BP by Eventtick

You are using GetActorOfClass which searches for the first actor in the scene that uses that class. Remove GetClass and GetActorOfClass and go direct.

Wow Thank you! So easy and still too hard to find for me :sweat_smile:
Greeting from Austria