Help with Arrays for a Light Puzzle

I’m working on a game for my final student project in school and I think I am trying to replicate a mechanic that’s way outside my skillset. Hoping someone here can help me.

Basically, I’m trying to recreate the flip switch/light puzzle that is similar to the one in The Evil Within 2, where each switch turns on and off so many lights and when you light up the perfect amount of lights, you solved the puzzle. What I cant figure out how to make the array go up or down based on the integer I want that switch to set. I’ve tried numerous ideas that either don’t let the lights work or it’s turning on and off lights out of order. I’m thinking there has to be a better way than making pages of branch conditions for all the different scenarios of which switches are up or down that seamlessly move the array from 0 to 9 without jumping lights.

Appreciate any help you can provide to put me on the right track. *Disclaimer, I’ve only been using UE4 for about 3ish months