Help with Archviz material/mesh configurator

Hi, pals!

I am doing archviz project for VR and need to do system that could change materials and meshes in real-time!
But there are several requirements:
I will do UMG menu with buttons to change meshes and materials on them or/and other meshes too:

  1. Button that will change meshes (3 options: sofa with pickable pillows, table with movable drawers, nothing)
  2. Buttons to pick material on sofa / pillows / table and drawers
    I know how to do changable mesh and changable material separately, but all this together plus pickable pillows and movable drawers made using blueprints to use them via Vive controllers, not fits in my mind)
  3. Day/night switcher

So I need help or advice how better to do that (even for now if I have to manually put in blueprint each mesh and material and bind them to one button), I am medium level in blueprints, but I may don’t know something that might help me in my questions!

  1. As I noticed movable objects don’t much with lighting near their static neighbors, is there way to bake lighting for sofa and table individually and static, or show them maybe using level streaming or something?
  2. Or I’ll have to make sofa-pillows/table-drawers visiable/invisible when mesh are changed?
  3. Day/night switcher - one tutorial I found there were different levels, so if I change movable object position and meshes colors in new level they will reset by default? And those dynamic meshes lighting in day/night scenario bothers me too.

Appreciate any help guys, thank you!

P.S. Just remembered one crazy option, I may do 3 copies of room in 1 level, and teleport pawn to needed one (with sofa or table or nothing), but I’ ll have to bind in all them position of movable objects and changed materials (E.g. if player take some pillows throw them somewhere and in new copy of room he will notice that they are on default places)…