Help with apply damage node!

Please dont direct me to an old forum post on this. I am tired of following all the unofficial and official tutorials to end up with damage still not working. I need someone to just walk through this with me like a human, not a textbook or robot, please. I set generates hit and overlap events on the enemy ai. I put event any damage, set health minus vector of damage received into a less than or equal to 0 branch to destroy actor when health is below 0.

I set hit event on my projectile, which appears to work, because it spawns an emitter and can even subtract health if i set that, but refuses to do it through the apply damage node. Please ive been stuck on this for weeks. I cant take reading tutorials anymore.

I also tried making a collision capsule for melee attacks just like the ue4 official guide says. I set the overlaps in the physics but the apply damage still doesnt work!!! I am so exhausted from reading tutorials and watching them on yutube, everyone seems to have a different strategy but none of them will work for me!!! I just want any apply damage, or radial damage, tab target damage, collision damage, i dont care anymore. None of it will work. I have tried everything i can think of :frowning: