Help with APEX Destruction PhysXLab

Hello all, my name is Jonatan and im new with UE4, first all thanks for read this and for your help, right now im testing APEX Destruction PhysXLab and just cant import correctly a column to shot it and see the new DM i created, the problem is when i export it from the PhysXLab “Dropbox - Error” and i import it to the engine is not the same destruction!!, look… “Dropbox - Error” , am i doing something wrong?, what config i need to use it with the engine?, thanks for your answers!.

Hi Jonathan,

First off, welcome to the community! :slight_smile:

If you look through the forums you’ll see I do a lot of work with destruction meshes and using PhysXlabs. I don’t mind helping get this working correctly.

I looked at the image, but your description of the problem and the picture a little vague with what might actually be happening.

I understand that you made a destructible mesh in PhysX labs and you setup the destruction the way you like. When you export the destructible from PhysXlabs it will give you a filetype APB. When you import this into Unreal Engine 4 everything will be setup already.

From you image, it looks like you maybe used the “Fracture” button again and refractured the mesh? If that’s the case, this will overwrite any previous information that was setup in PhysXlabs.

Can you maybe post a screen shot of your destructible from PhysXLabs as a comparison?

Thank you!


THANK YOU TIM!!!, my bad, i was pressing the Fracture button a couple of times and that was the problem, just another question, the textures didnt export with the DM, do i something wrong with that or i only can export the DM with no textures?, thanks for help!

You’ll need to create the material with the textures in UE4 and assign it manually to the parts of the DM that you want it to apply. They do not export along with the mesh as it would with an FBX files.