Help with anti-aliasing 4.18

Hello all,

I know there are a lot of threads hither and thither on mobile AA, but I’ve been tinkering around with this and the things I’ve read for days without success. Could someone please illuminate how you manage to get halfway decent AA with 4.18 on an Android?

I recently started a fresh project (for the nth time) and tried every combination of Mobile MSAA for mobile and Anti-Aliasing Method under the Default Settings (both part of the Engine - Rendering portion of the Project Settings) without significant effect. In previous attempts I’ve dinked around with the Device Profiles too, just in case. Attached are a couple of results from my tests.

Any insight is so, so much appreciated. Thanks!

Having the same issues, working through it for 2 weeks now and cant figure it out.

I choose the temporalAA, and check HDR. In eidtor with ES3.1, it may aliasing, but on mobile It will be good.

TemporalAA for me didn’t work.
Please can you explain a bit better how to solve the problem? (if you arrived to a solution)