Help with animated loading screen

I’ve managed to make a loading screen using UMG and Open Level easily enough, but it seems this blocks the main thread preventing animations.

When I use Load Stream Level the main thread doesn’t block but also the level does not load once Completed is fired, even if Make Visible is checked on Load Stream Level.

Working version using Open Level with main thread blocking:

Load Stream Level version which doesn’t block but won’t show level after:

bump. any thoughts?

I still haven’t been able to produce desired results.

I’m trying to have a level with JUST an animated loading screen as another full level loads. This is because on mobile the larger level takes awhile while-as the loading screen level is almost immediate.

Did you remove Wb Loading Screen Widget after stream level completed?
I guess that widget is still covering the whole screen so you see nothing.

I got another problem is that my Load Stream Level blocks “a little”.
My setup is 1 empty persistent level with 1 small entry level and 1 main level as sub-levels.
Upon empty level BeginPlay() I stream-load the entry level, and player would see a rotating cube;
When entry level loading is completed, I stream-load the main level, but during the stream loading, the rotating cube sometimes got frozen;
Not sure if it’s normal.