Help with Alembic Cache textures, or a different solution!

Hello, Unreal Engine Community!

I am working on an Unreal VR Project for school, using unreal 4.14.3 on windows computers.

When I first started the project, I did not know a lot about rigging for games/unreal, and the first rig I created was a book made with many lattice deformers. Now we are having trouble getting it into unreal properly. After looking around, I thought that an Alembic Cache might work, so I’ve read most of the Alembic Cache documentation for unreal. We are able to get the alembic cache into unreal, with proper textures and UVs, but the thin book pages require double-sided textures and we cannot get them to work. It works on one side of a page, but leaves the other side black. We have successfully applied the double-sided materials/textures to a static FBX version of the book, so we know they are set up correctly at least.

I was wondering, are double-sided materials/textures not compatible with Alembic Caches? Is there a better way to import the mesh and animations for this deformer-based book rig?

I’ll need to ask my team for permission before I hand out any files for help, but if anyone has experience with this or knows an alternate solution I would be very glad to learn it!!

This is crazy, but I’m in an extremely similar situation to you now! I’m also working on a VR school project, also importing a book model from Blender to Unreal, and also currently working on textures. Did you follow a tutorial from CGCookie to make your book?

I’m curious if you ever figured out how to do double-sided textures for the pages, or if you figured out if the animations could work as an fbx. I’m hoping to figure out a way to make the page block thickness dynamic within game.

Are you still working on your project?