Help with Adding Animations

i just use unreal engine 4 for a week and i watch the official tutorial in youtube(20video),it teach me how to punch while walking (only use upperbody) by using the (Layered blend per bone) in AnimationBP

Layered blend per bone Details


After i finish the tutorial,i want to add other animations bymyself but i don’t know how to add!!! HELP ME~~~~~~~


I have changed your title to be a bit more descriptive.

Oh thanks @@

Help~~~~~~~~= =

If I understand you right you want to make your slot affecting the legs… you counld place the slot to the base pose or make 2 new layers for the left and right leg. And btw where you got the punch anims from I could need them ^^.

Oh,i don’t really understand somethings what you say…i am a noob…
My punch anims are only the official character that can download

i only don’t understand that you say 2 new layers

sorry,(the base pose) you mean is that one in the (Layered blend per bone)?