Help with a text widget displaying various information

I have a text widget on my GUI that displays certain information. What I’d like to do is that that text widget display different information; such as “you feel fine”, “you’re hurt”, “you’re exhausted”, etc. What node(s) should I use that will allow the text widget to change based on variables I have already set up?

For example; I have a stamina blueprint so when that float reaches a certain numeric value, I would like the text widget to display some copy.


I’m not sure what you’re asking for:

  • display the Stamina value?

  • display a “StateString” which value depends on other values such as stamina / energy / endurance (for instance)?

For the first thing, I’d simply bind your widget text value and ask the binded function to “Get Pawn Owner” - “Cast to your character” - “Get Stamina Value” and pin in to the function output.

For the second thing, I’d create a function in my Player Character (or Controller) that generates the value of the “StateString”. It would fire on the character and detect what are the values of all variables taken into account in your “StateString” calculation. This function would set the “StateString” value, depending on the calculations of your choice.

In your display widget, you’d get this “StateString” variable and display it.

What I’m trying to do is display some custom text depending on my various variables. For example, when my stamina gets to a certain point I’d like it to display “You’re exhausted” in the text area. When Health is low, I’d like the same text box to display “You’re hurt”, etc.

Ok, as he was explaining.

In your character, set a function to work out what you want to say and a variable string for example.

Then in your widget call that string


Bad example, :slight_smile:



Looks easy enough! But for some reason I cant get that functionality to work…

Actually I needed to connect something to the Branch node. Is an Event Tick the best solution to check the Stamina variable frequently?