Help with a rig for my character

Okay, so I am wanting to design my character for my game. He is a space cop with a cybernetic arm that can have different attachments on it (these attachments would go into certain sockets so you can customize your load-out), but I’m not really sure how to go about creating the arm. I have a few methods of doing it:

  1. Design the character normally with a basic rig and then model the cybernetic arm and use it as a glove. The only thing is I’m not sure if I can have the ‘glove’ arm have its own animations/sockets to add things to.
  2. Model the cybernetic arm onto the character himself and create a brand new rig for that character specifically. On this rig I would add sockets to customize the attachments.
  3. Model the character without an arm and then make the arm and put it onto the character using a socket.

Which would be the easiest method of doing this. Also, any tips on how I could go about doing this would be great. If it seems too complicated I would probably swap and make it a first person shooter much like how Star Wars: Republic Commando was done. I really want the cybernetic arm to be a focus on the character, because it’s going to have his gadgets on it and with it being a customization load-out would add a new twist to make my game original.


Easiest would be 3 i think. With the socket you could easily swap the arm and select from several other arms during runtime and even from Blueprints pretty easily. Handling it with a socket would make the arm handle like a weapon, so you can reference to most weapon tutorials regarding animation, scripting, inventory, etc.

Our character design is set up to use various accessories like helmets, vests, and backpacks that we add as a component of a character blueprint. To make use of the item we just have to check or un-check “use in game” as part of the character set up menu.

Alright, sorry for the late reply, been trying to get a proper rig for my character. Thanks for your answers!!