Help with a looping material

I am trying to make a platform for a paper 2d game where the ground is just a basic 8bit dirt tile with some grass on top. I figured an easy way to do the ground would be to use a looping material so I can just drag one sprite out and then resize it.
I followed the paper 2d tutorial and he sets up a looping texture but his texture doesnt have a set way it needs to be viewed. Mine has grass on top of dirt and I am using his bp setup. 93f56c8de09286824c532cc0f819d70495caba38.jpeg
This works but I cant position the top of the grass at the top of the texture. I have tried using the texture coordinates but its not working exactly. I like for the texture to loop left or right but not up and down. That way I could place the sprite anywhere on the map and then change its size horizontally and it will auto loop the texture. Is this possible? Thanks!